Kind: Entertainment for subconscious / performance / musical for a sleeping person and an audience

Nowadays time
means productivity and efficacy. The time spent to sleep is considered as
unimportant and becomes shorter and shorter. The fact that our nights are
shorter could mean that reason outcompetes imagination.

The conscious
colonized the only space remaining wild and primitive inside of us.

Squash is
an entertainment for subconscious, a documentary/performance/ musical for a
person asleep and his public.

entertainment for subconscious is the future.


Mixing dream
book, anthropoligical analysis of sleep, neurological discoveries and musical,
it is here about subconscious, lucid dreams, mathematics, lost time, desires,
sexuality, entertainment, absence, presence, memory, life and forgetting…


Squash is putting
some time in our empty dreams to give them a meaning and allow us at last to
sleep more in order to produce more. We won't feel bad any more to sleep late,
welcome in the area of useful sleep so that tomorrow our children can change
the world while having a nap.