Les 3 points de suspension


Les 3 points
de suspension

Who, what, where

and a little bit of how

We are a group made up of
people with various backgrounds such as circus, music, theater, dance and
visual arts, eager to unite to form the different facets of the diamond that
will sparkle in the world of tomorrow.

We offer shows / performances / exhibitions that all
take part in public space. Our creations are aimed at all types of venues. A
village, a theater, a field, a travel agency, an advertising lollypop, a
recipe, a streetlamp can all very well be the support to our narration as much
as our decor.   

Use of space, territorial

The "real" is our
playground. We see it as a whole, made of layers of beliefs , stories, and
perceptions collectively brought to the world. These strata are for us our
territories with their own rules, their strengths and weaknesses, and since we
like adventures and cosmonaut stories, we aspire to conquer them, but aswell to
reach agreements, to build bridges between them ,to participate in the
implementation of a shared and livable public space.


For this, we use actors,
situations, tape, animals, experiences, achievements, websites, stories, songs,
green plants, mythologies, facilities, meetings, and many other surprises to
show you that our reality conceals many mysteries.


We deal with very diverse themes
such as fear, fairy tales, Franco-African relations, global warming,
metaphysics, the conscious-unconscious relations, "living together".

We seek to infiltrate the
representations to better, inhabit and divert them. We like to mix disciplines,
changing their settings, playing with their codes and their territories. sharing
Philosophies with a manhole, talking politics at a bus shelter, cooking
metaphysics, staging a roundabout,  in brief
we want to thicken our common worlds.